The First Post

Welcome! This brand new website has been quite a while in the making because of my busy musical life although there was some classic procrastination that came into play. However, I’ve finally finished the process! (Now I can do my taxes..)

Many thanks to Continuum Design + Web and Janelle Reichman for her guidance, patience and for making it all purty!

What you’ll find here:

Australian musicians and music fans might be interested in checking out The Australian Years in the bio/blog section. It’s my account of coming up in the scene in the late 80s and early 90s in Australia. This info isn’t out there at the moment, so for the younguns who ask me about this stuff, I thought it would be good to write down some history.

You can check out ‘Round Tripper’, my latest recording which received a 4 star review in Downbeat and order a CD in the store.

Also, a ‘better late than never’ radio promotion campaign started in late February for ‘Round Tripper’. Here’s me excitedly announcing it on Facebook –

Great news in the ‘better late than never(?)’ radio promotion campaign for ‘Round Tripper’… Last week we made our debut in the JazzWeek charts at no. 21 in the US for national jazz radio play – a big first for me! And this week we moved up to no. 18! #independentjazz #notbadforagirl #especiallyfromnewcastle #illstopnowwiththeasstags

Hope you enjoy the new website and let me know what you think!

Lisa Parrott a.k.a Paz

Lisa’s favourite time signature is seven and her favourite colour is red and yellow. Currently, her favourite drink is Cynar with soda, lemon and bitters and her favourite cheese is Gruyere.